About Sifu Lane



Sifu Lane started his martial arts training with several years of Nothern Shaolin, Wu Shu and Wing Chun.

Feeling as if something was lacking and that the styles did not suit his particular needs, he moved on to Hung Gar and Choy-Li-Fut, two southern styles from the Shaolin Temple. It was here that he was educated and guided by the famous martial arts instructor, Buck Sam Kong, who taught him the Hung Gar style as well as Choy-Li-Fut.

Sifu Lane studied under Sifu Kong for fifteen years. It was only after three and half years of training 14 to 16 hours a day that Lane proceeded to teach in Las Vegas, Nevada area, passing on what he learned in Hung Gar, Choy-Li-Fut and Nothern Shaolin Gung-Fu. His teaching career in Las Vegas lasted for thirteen years during which he also had three and half years of law enforcement experience and taught numerous police officers in the use of the PR24 Baton and hand to hand street defense encounters. Lane also taught self defense classes for the Jo Mackey Elementary School District in Las Vegas.

In 1980, INSIDE KUNG FU magazine published Sifu Lane’s first article. In 1985, Sifu Lane taught in Denver, Colorado and worked as a private investigator for Wells Fargo. After a year, Sifu Lane relocated to Bellingham, Washington. In 1988, KARATE, KUNG FU ILLUSTRATED published an article on Sifu Lane. Sifu Lane taught at Western Washington University for three years.

In October of 1992, Sifu Lane competed in an international tournament in Argos, Greece and took first and third in that competition. Sifu Lane is a 4 th generation disciple of Wong Fei Hung with 38 years of teaching experience.

Sifu Lane’s “Two Man Combat Sets” article was published in the January 2004 Inside Kung Fu Magazine.

Sifu Lane’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” article was published in the August 2010 Inside Kung Fu Magazine.

Sifu Lane studies under the Lam family in Hong Kong, passing on the Lam method of Hung Gar.