curriculumLane's Tiger and Crane Academy provides a well-rounded, traditional Gung Fu training curriculum. While many schools focus on sets and others focus on self-defense techniques, Sifu Lanes uses both strategies to ensure that his students are highly proficient in the complete art of Gung Fu. He recognizes that fist and weapons sets have been handed down to us from warriors who survived actual battlefield situations and that no uselss techniques found their way home from such an unforgiving environment.

The sets are a living historical encyclopedia from which to draw self-defense applications. Even so, modern encouters are unlikely to be entirely the same as those faced several hundred years ago.
Sifu Lane insists his students understand how to adapt and build on the traditions. Innovation is a key value in the Shaolin system, and Sifu Lane's students are encouraged to use what works best for them.

Sifu Lane's program is arranged in a series of levels that mark a student's ability. At the end of each level, a test is given and certificates awarded for those who pass. Teacher's certificates are awarded to those who show the highest ability. Following Shaolin tradition, there are no belts in Sifu Lane's School.

The following are a detailed description of the curriculum of each level:

Level I – Approximately 12 Months

A. Basics – Fundamental hands, stances, and footwork
B. Blocks and Counters – 10 basic exercises of Shaolin Temple Boxing
C. Hand Training – Development of 'Gin' (Force)
D. Pre-arranged circular blocking drills
E. Solo and sparring forms or sets

Level I Sets:

1. Lau Gar Kuen
2. Gung Gee Fuk Fu Kuen
3. Chin Cheung Kuen
4. Gung Gee Fuk Fu Doy Chak
5. Lau Gar Kuen
6. Siu Lum Kuen

Level I Summary:

Gung Gee Fuk Fu Kuen is the second set taught and is the oldest of Hung forms.  This ancient set develops an unshakable foundation, strong forarms and a deep insight of fighting science.

Chin Cheung Kuen is the third set taught which comes from our great grandmaster, Lam Sai Wing. This set contains good footwork and informs the student of the correct method of neutralizing different grabs and holds and reversing joint locks.

Gung Gee Fook Fu Doy Chak is the fourth set taught and it is in this set where combat where combat science comes to life.  A better understanding of how techniques in the Hung system are applied is learned.
Lau Gar Kwun, (Lau Gar Stick, or Water Pole) is the first weapon taught and primarily uses one end of the pole. (Siu Lum is known for their pole techniques)

Siu Lum Kuen is the final set taught in the first level, when this is completed the student is certified as a beginner in the program.  More dragon movements are introduced in this set which makes the set move with more fluidity.

Level II – Approximately 12 Months

Level II Sets:

1. Sam Yin Kuen
2. Hung Jeh Kwun
3. Fu Hok Seong Yin Kuen
4. Pek Kwar Darn Do
5. Fu Hok Seong Yin Kuen Doy Chak
6. Hung Jeh Kwun Doy Chak

Level II Summary

Sam Yin Kuen, just about as long as Lau Gar, but eighty percent are in cat stance and focuses on the Tiger, Crane, and Snake.  Keep in mind to play this set correctly, the thighs must be parallel to the ground, unless you are kicking.

Hung Jeh Kwun is then taught which introduces the student to the double headed staff techniques.  Both ends of the pole are utilized.

Fu Hok Seong Yin Kuen, the Hung Gar’s signature set is the form taught so the student has an understanding of the unity of the opposites.  More advanced combat concepts are understood here.  Hard and soft, circles and straight lines, positive and negative, the dark and the light.

Pek Kwa Darn Do introduces the student to cutting and stabbing weapons.  The single broadsword teaches fluidity.

Finishing out the second level are the Tiger and Crane Sparring set and Staff Sparring Set.  More advanced fighting concepts are studied in the Fu Hok Sparring and the double headed staff sparring teaches disarming and distance fudging as well as proper timing with a partner.

Level III – Approximately 12 Months

Level III Sets:

1. Sing Dai Do
2. Cern Lung Do
3. Woo Dip Cheung Kuen
4. Say Ga Ying Cheong
5. Chun Chow Dai Do
6. Seong Dough
7. Dai Pah
8. Ng Pa Gua Kwun
9. Ng Yin Kuen
10.Hung Sao Fook Seong Dou
11.Ng Pa Gua Kwun Doy Chak
12.Koi Chong Do

Level III Summary

Advanced training includes the understanding of theory and simplicity of Gung Fu through practice.  The concepts of Yin and Yang (soft and hard, straight and circular) are taught.

Also in this level advanced theory of weapons are introduced.

Level IV – Instructors Training

Level IV Sets:

1. Sup Yin Kuen
2. Darn Do vs. Chin Cheong
3. Kwun Lun Gim
4. Seong Dough
5. Tid Sin Kuen
6. Quon Do vs. Chin Cheong
7. Dan Gong Bin
8. Jee Mow Dau
9. Seong Gong Bin
10.Woo Dip Do vs. Chin Cheong
11.Seong Dough vs. Chin Cheong
12.Sang Moon Gim
13.Quon Do
14.Sam Ji Kwun
15.Chin Cheong vs. Woo Dip Darn Do Tu’n
16.Lane’s Lethal Fist