Hello and Welcome to the Hung web site. This site was established to bring together all Hung Gar practitioners with a valid lineage under one roof to exchange ideas and insights in the Hung Gar style of Gung Fu. This site will link all Hung Gar people under one common goal, and that is to promote what we are. There must be a bigger picture for us than to feed any ego, for this would certainly destroy what we are supposed to represent, and that is having the power of the knowledge, but using this knowledge to benefit the people. With this site you will be able to display pictures, short video clips and text information about who you are and where you are from. I think that we have all endured the sacrifice in our lives and went through the pain of learning this system of unlimited information to see it become more delivered to the people and let this spread like the petals of a Lotus Flower. Please feel free to contact me at; or (360)647-8228. All Best Wishes to All, May we all come together for a bigger purpose, and that is for the Prosperity of the Hung Gar.

-Sifu Eddie Lane